How can Silk Help your Night’s Sleep?

If you’ve ever wondered about how silk can help you have better rest and how your food habits can affect your tiredness, and which aspects of Feng Shui can put your mind at ease, keep watching our blog over the coming months.

We’ll be bringing in a host of experts who will be giving tips on how you can lessen disruptions to your sleep pattern and help you de-stress so you get the best night’s rest you can. This week we’re focusing on the health benefits we get from our selection of silk products. Be it bedding, cushions, or washable silk sleepwear there are many reasons to invest in silk.


Silk is an excellent material to apply to your skin, but experts have evidence that suggests it may also aid in preventing getting older. The fabric contains a natural protein, as well as a number of all-important amino acids. Research has shown that amino acids make wrinkles appear less saggy as the nervous system gets more relaxed. Silk also contains a chemical called albumen that speeds up the skin’s metabolism which means that the skin cells grow and repair.

Silk doesn’t hold moisture, as well, which is beneficial when you apply creams and serums prior to you go to bed. Thus, although cotton pillowcases might absorb some of the creams, silk pillowcases are sure that all of it is absorbed before you go to sleep. This material is particularly suitable for those with skin issues, like eczema. Many bedding products can aggravate skin conditions such as acne overnight, as they cause the skin’s temperature to rise, which can cause the skin to lose precious moisture. However, silk is light, and smooth and allows your body to keep moisture, reducing the chance of being dry or itchy over the course of the night.


Silk’s inherent properties and its double-stranded fibers are similar to human hair, which explains why silk is for keeping the body’s temperature at a comfortable level. Silk is breathable and provides a but also insulating, barrier between you and the temperature of the environment, which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Silk pillowcases can provide significant advantages to the health that your hair. Although silk does not absorb liquids, its moisture-wicking characteristics help move excess grease and moisture out of the body. It makes sure that your hair remains dry and free of grease the following morning. The silky texture helps reduce the thinning of hair which can lead to potential split ends. Cotton can create friction between your head and the pillows, which may result in frazzled, damaged hair. The anti-static properties can also keep your hair from knotting.